How To Migrate MySQL Database To MS SQL Server Database

MySQL Database To MS SQL Server Database

MySQL Database

Database migration is the process of transferring data between two database engine. The process includes schema migration, Synchronisation of database and data migration between MySQL database to SQL Server. For the migration process, we will use the tool called SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL. It is a tool to automate migration from MySQL to SQL server.

Hare, you go !!

  • Install SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL

SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL is a free tool to automate the migration of a MySQL database to SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. SSMA including migration assessment analysis, schema and SQL statement conversion. Download and install the SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL from Microsoft official site or Click Here to download.

  • Install Connector/ODBC for MySQL

ODBC for MySQL is an ODBC interface and allows the interface to communicate with a MySQL database. Download and install the MySQL ODBC Connector. The latest version available at MySQL official site or click here

  • Migration of MySQL to SQL server

    • Create a project

To start working with SSMA you need to create a project. To create project Click on File and then on New Project, give any name of project, location of pthe roject file and select the destination version of SQL server than click on OK

    • Connect MySQL Source Database

Connect with the MySQL database that to be migrate. To connect with MySQL, navigate and click on Connect to MySql and provide the connection details and than click on Connect.

    • Connect Destination SQL server

Connect with the SQL Server destination database where you want to migrate. To connect with SQL Server navigate click on Connect to SQL Server and provide the connection details and than click on Connect

    • Migrate Schema

Now select/click on the MySQL databases you want to migrate and click on Convert Schema you can navigate it as shown snapshot below. you may also need to Synchronise for that simply click on Synchronise.

  • Migrate database
  • Once all done you just need to click on Migrate Data this will do the job to migrate data.

It is a very easy to migrate your MySQL databases to SQL Server or Azure databases. this article has shown you a simple way to migrate your database even in some advanced situations.

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  1. Thanks Kishor,

    Can I ask, will the original MySQL database schema and data stay in situ after the migration or will it be deleted during the migration?

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